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NEO - New Engine Optimization

The Eagle One was developed to reduce our environmental impact by embracing new technology. Carbon emissions from power consumption are minimized through the use of new materials and the unique design of the machine. This can save you money on your power costs, especially when compared to other machines. 

The NEO engine uses an instant heating system with a unique insulation mechanism, that reduces not only the heat dispersion but also energy consumption. It works almost instantly, allowing only the necessary amount of water for the extraction to be heated, thus reducing energy-related costs.

Productivity and performance remain high, but consumption is considerably reduced. The LCA* (Life Cycle Assessment) demonstrated how the Eagle One had a 23% less environmental impact concerning the same category machine.

TERS (Temperature Energy Recovery System) uses the discharged water to pre-heat the incoming water. The result is a 8% saving on total machine consumption.

Steelux Volumetric T3 3gr MSRP $23,500.00

Black Volumetric T3 3gr MSRP $23,500.00 

White Volumetric T3 3gr MSRP $23,500.00

Steelux Volumetric T3 2gr MSRP $20,500.00

Black Volumetric T3 2gr MSRP $20,500.00

White Volumetric T3 2gr MSRP $20,500.00



NEO - New Engine Optimization

The E1 Prima can transform its look based on the environment and the space it sits in by modifying its looks and adding fresh new colors and textures that interpret current trends. Available as a direct connect/plumb in or tank model.

  • NEO (New Engine Optimization) guarantees high performance, reduced heating times, and reduced energy consumption. It takes less than 8 minutes to come up to temperature and be ready. The machine's electronic system keeps the temperature stable during the entire dispensing phase.

  • The boilers are made in stainless steel and protected by an innovative material that guarantees high thermal insulation and avoids heat dispersion.

  • Steam control with an electric lever means that energy efficiency is guaranteed by the electric controller Steam-by-Wire which allows significant control of the steam dispensing along with an elevated power/speed ratio with a pressure up to 2.5 bar. It heats 8 oz of milk in less than 18 seconds.

  • 100% digital thru the Victoria Arduino app, baristas can share recipes and experiences with each other.

White Volumetric T3 w/ Easy Cream MSRP $7,490.00

Black Volumetric T3 w/ Easy Cream MSRP $7,490.00

Steelux Volumetric T3 w/ Easy Cream MSRP $7,490.00

White Volumetric T3 1gr MSRP $6,490.00

Black Volumetric T3 1gr MSRP $6,490.00

Steelux Volumetric T3 1gr MSRP $6,490.00



Adonis is an espresso machine for those who love coffee tradition and modern design. Thanks to innovative T3 technology that ensures temperature stability in the machine, Adonis is the best espresso machine for coffee shops and chains that look to the design, without sacrificing the most advanced espresso technologies.


Steelux 2 Group Digit MSRP $17,000.00

Steelux 3 Group Digit MSRP $19,500.00



The ancient art of coffee still lives in the Athena Leva, the espresso machine so beloved by espresso professionals. Its lever delivery system ensures a high level of customization of the drink, but at the same time requires a high level of competence on the part of the barista.


Copper 2 Group Lever MSRP $13,750.00

Copper 3 Group Lever MSRP $18,250.00

Chrome 2 Group Lever MSRP $14,250.00

Chrome 3 Group Lever MSRP $18,250.00



A coffee machine that tells the history of espresso and is symbolic of espresso machines handmade. The Venus Bar, with its vertical body, technical features, and use of the finest materials, continues to be a coffee machine appreciated for its design and for its technology.

Chrome Volumetric 3gr MSRP $28,350.00

Copper Volumetric 3gr MSRP $25,740.00

Chrome Volumetric 2gr MSRP $26,100.00

Copper Volumetric 2gr MSRP $23,430.00



Theresia, designed by Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas, is an espresso machine for the coffee connoisseur to have at home, on their boat or in the office. A technologically advanced espresso machine that can extract the best espressos and most fragrant cappuccinos, just like baristas make during competitions.


Steelux 1 Group Volumetric T3 MSRP $ 8,990.00



VA388 Black Eagle is the espresso machine for all those who dedicate their lives to coffee; who study, research, and experiment every day to transfer a real coffee experience to the cup. This is the official espresso machine for the World Barista Championship 2015 to 2017

Steelux Gravimetric T3 3gr MSRP $31,500.00

Steelux Gravimetric T3 2gr MSRP $28,500.00

Steelux Volumetric T3 3gr MSRP $29,000.00

Steelux Volumetric T3 2gr MSRP $26,000.00



A new eagle is ready to spread its wings and land in all coffee shops that make quality and consistency their mission. It is called the VA358 White Eagle and is a new Victoria Arduino machine dedicated to specialty coffee.

Black Digit 3gr MSRP $18,400.00

Black Digit 2gr MSRP $16,100.00


Customized Colors

available for an additional $1,000

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