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Multi-boiler espresso machine available in 2 or 3 groups with automatic dosing, Advanced Temperature Profiling technology, pre-infusion and post-infusion. 


Quality, consistency, and serviceability can be yours with the Rancilio Specialty RS1 Espresso Machine. Built from time-tested components in an all-specialty design, the RS1 brings barista-driven espresso in a shop-ready setup. The Rancilio Specialty balances its impressive featureset with daily usability, expanding on the classic multi-boiler design with ultra-accurate temp controls that allows for rising or declining profiles—paired with tight volumetrics for repeatability shot after shot. Ergonomic upgrades like programmable steam pressure, timed hot water options, and full-tang portafilters make the RS1 a joy to use all shift long. Even better is the RS1's tech-friendly design; most service items are located in convenient access points and use common parts for minimal downtime.

RS1 2 Group MSRP $16,000

RS1 3 Group MSRP $19,000



Rancilio Invicta is a reliable, stable and easy-to-use commercial espresso machine with a modern, no-frills design. Invicta is designed to speed up service and make the best extraction technologies accessible to all baristas thanks to electronic control of the coffee, water and steam functions.

2 Group MSRP $11,700
3 Group MSRP $13,900




Take your home espresso to the next level with the Silvia Pro X! Built on the decades of success found in the original Silvia, the Pro X expands on its predecessor's home coffee promise with a dual-boiler design and a PID temperature control setup borrowed from their top-of-the-line commercial machine, the Rancilio Specialty. Unique to the Pro X is its optional steam boiler design that prioritizes the temperature in the brew group first. This focus on temperature stability promises a best-in-class ±1º temp variance between shots. Packed with every nicety you could ask for—like auto-on programming, a pressure gauge, a shot timer, auto-backflushing, a hot water tap, adjustable soft preinfusion, and a soft-touch spouted portafilter—the Rancilio Silvia Pro X brings quality espresso to your kitchen that's hard to beat. Note: Machine comes with a double-spout portafilter, bottomless sold separately.


Rancilio Silvia Pro X MSRP $1,950



Top range traditional espresso machine is a perfect combination of stylish design and technological excellence. Accommodates to-go cups, Pull out tray for espresso size cup, Clever steam wand handle - fast action & ergonomic, LCD screen with shot timers, Hot water outlet with different temp. options


Classe 9 2 Group Tall MSRP $14,900

Classe 9 3 Group Tall MSRP $18,200



Mid range traditional espresso machine is designed to combine functionality, ergonomics and a contemporary look. Accommodates to-go cups, Pull out tray for espresso size cup, Clever steam wand handle - fast action & ergonomic.


Classe 7 2 Group Tall MSRP $13,000

Classe 7 3 Group Tall MSRP $15,400





Industrially inspired functional minimalism and a contemporary aesthetics are the strong points of Classe 5.A machine that transforms basic essential and elegance
into distinctive personality traits.


1 Group Price:

Semi-Automatic (S1 Tall) MSRP $4,800

Automatic (E1) MSRP $5,800

Automatic Raised Group (E1 Tall) MSRP $6,100 


2 Group Price (Compact):

            Semi-Automatic (S2) MSRP $7,000

            Automatic (E2) MSRP $8,100

            Automatic Raised Group (E2 Tall) MSRP $8,700 


2 Group Price (Full Size):

            Semi-Automatic (S3) MSRP $8,900 

            Automatic (E3) MSRP $11,100 

            Automatic Raised Group (E3 Tall) MSRP $12,100 






Perfect coffee every time, outstanding performance, amazingly compact, excellent design and advanced ergonomics: it is the new Egro ONE, the fully-automatic coffee machine that becomes the new benchmark in its class. An easy user interface with new technology ensures the operation of the machine. The ONE Touch has an advanced user interface with a 5.7" touchscreen graphic display in full colour.


Egro One - Top Milk MSRP $23,300.00

*requires the purchase of a fridge +$3,000.00

Egro One - Quick Milk MSRP $21,000.00

Egro One - Pure Coffee MSRP $20,000.00



Has 8 button selection for drink dosages. 2 Boilers, steam boiler is 2 liters, hot water boiler is 1 liter. Pure Coffee equipped with the patented iSteam for milk frothing and heating without manual intervention. 1 hot water wand (dosed delivery). Adjustable delivery spout to fit up to 20 oz. tall cups. Double hoppers and grinders. Automatic rinsing and cleaning program. 110 (15 amp) or /220 Voltage (20 amp)


Egro - Zero Keypad - Pure Coffee MSRP $12,700.00

Egro - Zero Keypad - Quick Milk NMS MSRP $14,600.00



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